We are Momentum, a Counselling and Therapeutic Practice.

Our Aim is to make a positive contribution to people’s mental health and well being through

Acceptance, Empowerment and Growth.

About Momentum Therapy

Momentum Therapy was established by Gayle and Sonia. After many years of using Talking Therapies within the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors. Gayle and Sonia are both qualified Therapists and Members of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Our vision for Momentum Therapy is to reach more people within our local community who are in need of support for healthier mental health and wellbeing.

Sometimes in life we all experience difficulties and distress which can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Most people feel a little nervous or apprehensive when considering counselling, that’s why it’s so important to find a Counsellor/Therapist you feel comfortable with.

At Momentum Therapy we are committed to offering you a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment, allowing you to explore your situation, thoughts and feelings.

We will welcome and encourage you to allow time dedicated to you; time to talk, clarify and process all that you need to.

We will offer you the space and support to help you find insight, understanding and acceptance of your current emotions around life issues; space to clarify what you need and to nurture your sense of empowerment to progression towards finding new ways of coping, personal growth and to enjoying a fulfilling life.

We are based in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Our Therapists

Gayle is Momentum’s Lead Therapist, she and Sonia are both are Members of the Professional Body known as BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists).

Both hold Nationally recognised and accredited qualifications and training in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Therapeutic Working with Children and Young People; Trauma Informed Counselling for Children and Young People and Coaching and Mentoring.

Both Momentum Therapists have worked with a range of clients from Adults, Young People and children and through a range of issues such as: abuse; addiction; anger; anxiety; bereavement; depression; identity issues; low self esteem; panic attacks, relationship issues and many more.

Gayle and Sonia
Momentum Therapists

People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.” I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.

– Carl Rogers –

Our Services

Therapy Sessions

As Integrative Therapists, we combine Psychotherapy and Humanistic Therapy approaches, concepts and interventions to our therapy.

We believe there isn’t a single therapeutic approach that can treat each person in all situations. Rather, we believe and value each person as a unique individual, as is their needs, therefore, our therapeutic approach is always tailored to each individual we work with.

We will initially conduct a Therapeutic Assessment; this is an opportunity for us to hear what has brought you to therapy and what you wish your therapy time to focus on. It is a really good opportunity for you to meet either of us, get more information from us and ask any questions you may have. This session lasts 50 minutes.

If you decide to engage in Therapy, the sessions are weekly and last 50 minutes. The duration of therapy depends on you, this is something that will be discussed at the outset and regularly reviewed together.

At Momentum Therapy we believe that Counselling should be available to all. Sadly however, the demands on our public and charitable mental health systems make this a difficult goal to achieve. Although we are a private counselling practice with no funding or grants, we do endeavour to work with individuals in our community, so don’t let finance stand in your way, we can discuss some options with you that we have available and that might be appropriate to your needs or help signpost you to other local services that may be of help.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a form of psychotherapy that helps people learn how to identify and change unhelpful thought patterns that have a negative influence and impact on their behaviour and emotions.

CBT uses a range of techniques to address problematic thoughts, emotions and behaviours to address the underlying cognitive patterns that may be contributing to psychological distress. CBT focuses on identifying and changing Automatic Negative Thoughts which are often spontaneous but have detrimental effect on our moods and behaviours.

However, CBT is more than just identifying our thinking patterns; using strategies it helps us overcome these thoughts but then encourages us to practice new skills learnt during the course of the therapy that can be put to use in everyday life.

CBT is a focused, time- limited, structured, problem-solving, goal orientated and collaborative approach.

Walk and Talk Therapy

We all know the benefits of getting outdoors and into nature. At Momentum Therapy we are pleased to offer ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions. These sessions are offered in either woodland or coastal areas throughout the North Down area: Bangor, Donaghadee, Crawfordsburn.

Instead of sitting in a traditional therapy room, the session takes place outdoors, side by side. Although not a fitness session, this form of therapy offers you the freedom of being outdoors and physically active during the session which can help release some tensions and with exercise helping the flow of blood to the brain, it can even stimulate new thoughts and ideas.

In these sessions you will lead the pace and walking side by side can be less intimidating and less formal than sitting across a room from one another. The focus of walk and talk therapy is not how far and fast we walk, but on you, what you need to talk about and what you’re comfortable with along with developing a nature connectedness which has been highlighted through research as a key way of improving our mental health and wellbeing.

All the necessary details such as weather, location, route and issues of confidentiality will be discussed in your initial assessment session before the walk and talk sessions take place.

Online Counselling

To make counselling sessions more accessible we understand that ‘In person’ sessions may not be the most suitable option for you.

At Momentum Therapy we deliver online counselling. As members of the BACP we are able to offer these online sessions throughout the UK and EU. If this is an option that would be most suited to your needs, feel free to enquire about this service.

Children and Young People’s (CYP) Counselling Service

At Momentum Therapy we are passionate about enabling, nurturing and assisting CYP develop healthy growth mindsets and become empowered to cope with life’s challenges.

We work with both the CYP and their parents/guardians throughout the counselling process to ensure the CYP is given the optimum growth and developmental environment both inside the therapy space and outside of it. All the while holding the CYPs confidence as key to allowing their voice in a safe environment.

Initially the counselling assessment takes place with the parents/guardians and the CYP, the format of which will either be a 50 minute meeting together or a split 50 minute assessment with a 25 minute telephone call with the parents/guardians then a 25 minute in person assessment with the CYP . This gives an opportunity to build on our working alliance; discuss needs, expectations, limitations of CYP counselling and answer or clarify any questions.

The Therapy Space

Our premises are located in Balloo Industrial Estate, Bangor, County Down. Our Therapy Space is designed for use by both our adult and young clients.


We deliver workshops on various topics to improve mental health and well being.

These workshops are open to all. Information, along with dates, locations and booking process are released via our social media platforms, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram for more details.

Our workshops or bespoke training, can be delivered to specific groups or organisations upon request.


Often it can be beneficial for groups to work with a Therapist. Groups process, gain peer support and improve coping for life events, such as bereavement, relationship dynamics and change management.

Please get in touch for further information or to discuss your needs.


Counselling Fees:

  • Counselling Assessment Fee £45
  • Adult Counselling Sessional Fee £45
  • Child/Young Person Sessional Fee £45
  • CBT Sessional Fee £50
  • Walk and Talk Sessional Fee £45
  • Online Sessional Fee £45

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